Services for our members

Our in-store take-back scheme

WEEE RETURN members have a clear overview of what’s what thanks to our online portal: how many old appliances have been handed in to the individual registered collection points, how many were taken back without the customers buying new EEE (small WEEE), how many were in exchange for a new appliance (like for like)? This detailed record of old appliances is one of the reasons why we have such a fair and transparent invoicing system.

What’s more, this online system also guarantees that everything runs smoothly: if your collection boxes are full, then we’ll make sure they are exchanged for empty ones by a certified transport firm.



Rücknahmelösung Elektroaltgeräte für den stationären Handel

Our long distance take-back scheme

Together with its logistics partners, WEEE RETURN offers online/mail order retailers and their customers a truly convenient service that is difficult to beat: we’ll inform the consumers which of the 4,500 collection points is closest to them or even collect the appliances from their homes. The advantages for the customers are obvious but the retailers benefit as well. If they don’t offer this collection service then they must set up collection points that are located within a reasonable distance from their customers – a hugely expensive undertaking.

No matter what the case: acts as an information centre for all customers using the WEEE RETURN scheme, providing answers for all their questions regarding the collection, transport and recycling of old electrical equipment.

Rücknahmelösung für Elektroaltgeräte für den Onlinehandel

Our services

We fulfil all of the regulations set out in the ElektroG2 law for our members. And we also offer a range of additional attractive services that go far beyond those required by law. You, too, can benefit from our portfolio – and deliver added value to your customers and to your own business.


How can we help?

Make the most of our expert advice and the bespoke solutions we can draw up for your company.


Keep an eye on what’s happening…

…with our user-friendly, web-based order and reporting system.


So your customers know what’s what

We’ll let your customers know all about the different ways they can hand back their old appliances – just as the new law stipulates.


Documentation & reporting

  • We deal with all notification obligations on your behalf.
  • We notify the Clearing House (Stiftung EAR) about how you intend to take back e-waste.
  • We handle all monitoring and reporting obligations for you.

Our take-back & waste management solutions:

  • WEEE RETURN sets up collection boxes for the different types of WEEE at your premises.
  • Your boxes are full? Our certified logistics partners will exchange them for empty ones straight away.
  • Of course, WEEE RETURN provides all the documents and certificates needed regarding the planning and scheduling of the logistics.
  • Are you sure you must always take back old appliances like for like? Your WEEE RETURN partners will check each individual case without delay.
  • We document the waste streams in line with all legal regulations.
  • Shops can keep up to date at all times thanks to our real-time online order and reporting system.
  • Online/mail order retailers can use our online system to ensure everything runs smoothly when customers wish to hand in their old appliances.
  • And last but not least? WEEE RETURN ensures that the old electrical and electronic equipment is reused or recycled correctly as stipulated by law.

Additional services

Extra services & added value

Recycling WEEE? This doesn’t have to be some annoying responsibility. Thanks to our range of additional services, you really can deliver added value to your customers and to your own business. Here are just a few examples:


Many of the old appliances still work and some of them can be sold on again. We sell such devices for our members.


Old for new? This is not some new invention thought up by those writing the ElektroG2 but a well-established marketing and promotion tool. Turn your obligation to take back WEEE into an advertising opportunity.


Data security? This is not guaranteed simply by handing in old devices. We can have your customers’ data deleted from their old appliances (containing storage media) using secure and certified systems.


We not only collect, transport and recycle electrical and electronic equipment. We are also very happy to collect and recycle other types of waste, such as fluorescent tubes, packaging material and batteries.