WEEE RETURN services for retailers operating across Europe

With the ‘ElektroG2’ now in force, Germany is one of the last member states to transpose the EU WEEE Directive into national law.

The same rights and obligations, therefore, can be found across all 28 EU states. This means, among other things, that online and mail order retailers must have someone in place to handle all queries and fulfil all obligations on their behalf in every EU country in which they sell their products.

Not a problem for WEEE Return members as we have long-standing business relationships, reliable cooperation partners and our own network of branches throughout the whole of Europe.

Our advantages for WEEE Return members:

  • We refer you to suitable experts who are able to offer you take-back schemes
  • You can use the European take-back schemes that are relevant to your business
  • We help you to fulfil your various registration obligations in the different countries
WEEE-Richtlinie - WEEE Return Services für Händler, die Elektrogeräte exportieren